Students of Govt Model Sr. Sec. School -21A, Chandigarh alongwith faculty members Mr. Sandeep Kumar and Ms. Rama Aswal attended ‘The Open House programme’ held at Punjab Engineering College (PEC) aimed to inspire curiosity and interest in technology and engineering among school students. This annual event, organized by PEC for the past 14 years, has been successful in educating and engaging students from various schools in the tricity area.
Activities and Highlights:
Guided Tour: The students were taken on a guided tour of the college, where they were introduced to different departments and laboratories. This firsthand experience allowed them to gain insights into various disciplines of engineering and witness projects developed by PEC students.
Interaction: The students had the opportunity to interact with budding engineers at PEC, asking questions about engineering as a career choice. This interaction facilitated a better understanding of the academic and professional aspects of engineering.
Career Guidance: The Open House also included sessions focused on career guidance, where students could learn about different career paths in engineering and make informed decisions about their future.
Special Guest Speaker:
Mr. Vivek Atray, an ex-IAS officer and renowned motivational speaker and writer, graced the event and motivated the students about the importance of education and career planning. His insights and experiences added value to the overall learning experience of the students.